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Intermediate 3M

6- tert butyl cresol (3M)

6- tert butyl cresol

Molecular formula: C11H16O (C11H16O)

Molecular weight: 164.24

CAS NO.:88-60-8

Physical property: colorless transparent crystal, melting point 46-47 DEG C, boiling point 2127 DEG C, relative density 0.964 (20 DEG C), refractive index 1.5192, flash point 105 DEG C.

Technical index:

Index name



Colorless or light yellow crystalline

% purity (>)

Ninety-nine point five

M-cresol content,% less than

Zero point five zero

The water content is less than%

Zero point five zero

Product use:

Organic synthesis is used as antioxidant for polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS resin and petroleum products, and also an intermediate of phenolic antioxidant CA, antioxidant 300 and antioxidant BBM.

Packing: 200kg/ barrels

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