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Antioxidant BHT

Product Name: BHT, T501264

Chemical name: 2,6- Di tert butyl phenol, 2,6- tert butyl -4- methyl phenol

Molecular formula: C15H24O (C15H24O)

Molecular weight: 220.19

CAS NO.: 128-37-0

Physical properties: odorless, tasteless, non-toxic white crystals. Melting point of 69-71 degrees, insoluble in water and dilute alkali, soluble in benzene, toluene, ethanol, gasoline and food oil. Its solubility is as follows: ethanol 25% (20 DEG C), soybean oil 30% (25 DEG C), cottonseed oil 20% (25 DEG C), lard 40% (40 DEG C).

Technical requirement:


White crystal

Melting point, DEG C

More than 69

Moisture, w/%

Less than or equal to 0.05

Ignition residue, w/%

Less than or equal to 0.005

Sulfate, w/%

Less than or equal to 0.002

Free phenol, w/%

Less than or equal to 0.02

Uses: used for plastics or rubber to inhibit or retard oxidation degradation and prolong service life. Used in lubricating oils and fuel oils to prevent acid value or increase in viscosity. This product is also a stabilizer for synthetic rubber (butadiene styrene, Ding Jing, polyurethane, CIS CIS), polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride

Packing: 25kg/ bag

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