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Metal deactivation agent T561

Product Name: T561 metal reducing agent is a derivative of two azole

Character: light brown transparent liquid, this product is a corrosion inhibitor of copper, non ferrous metal deactivator has excellent oil solubility, can be used as lubricating oil as metal deactivator, and has very good antiwear properties of extrusion.

Uses: metal deactivation agent T561 is a two azole polysulfide that captures active sulfur in oil and inhibits metal corrosion. Because it contains multiple disulfide bonds, forming sulfide film and the metal surface, which can effectively inhibit the catalytic effect of metal ions on the oil, thus to improve the performance of oil products, T561 is a very effective additive of lubricating oil. In the alkaline high zinc anti-wear hydraulic oil formulation, adding 0.03 - 0.05% T - 561 metal - reducing agent, the oil can be tested by Denison HF - 2 hydrolysis stability test. In the formula of internal combustion engine oil, 0.4 - 0.5% T - 561 metal - reducing agent is added, and the TFOUT induction period of oil can be increased by more than 60min. In addition, T - 561 metal reducer can also be used in industrial gear oil and high quality gasoline engine oil.

Quality index:


quality index




Light brown transparent liquid

Flash point (opening), DEG C

More than 130

Kinematic viscosity (100 DEG C), mm2/s


Acid value, mgKOH/g

Less than or equal to 20

Packing: 25kg zinc plated barrel and 180kg galvanized barrel packing.

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