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Metal deactivation agent T551B

Chemical name: T551B metal reducing agent is an extended product of T551, mainly used for transformer oil.

Product properties: This product is a light yellow or reddish brown transparent liquid. It is a highly effective and high performance additive for inhibiting the catalytic action of metal ions on the oxidation of oil products, improving the antioxidant capacity of oil products and prolonging the service life of oil products.

Technical requirement:


Light yellow or orange oily liquid

Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s


Base number, MgKOH/g


Flash point, temperature

More than 130

Uses: T551B can be widely used in a variety of lubricating oils, such as transformer oil, turbine oil, gear oil, general machine tool oil, etc.. The dosage of this agent is small, the synergistic effect is high, the general dosage is 0.03%-0.05%, and the amount of main oxidant can be reduced by 30%-40% at the same time

Packing: net weight 200kg/ barrel; 25kg/ barrel

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