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Compound antioxidant T502A

Product Name: 2,6- Di tert butyl phenol

Product properties: This product is light yellow liquid, oil soluble, insoluble in water and caustic soda, long-term storage does not change color. This product belongs to mixed type shielding phenolic antioxidant, has good antioxidant properties, and antioxidant properties and T501 effect is equivalent, commonly known as liquid BHT.

Technical requirement:


Light yellow or orange oily liquid

2,6- Di tert butyl phenol, wt%

More than 55

2,6- BHT, wt%

More than 10

2- tert butyl phenol, wt%

Less than or equal to 5

Other alkyl phenols, wt%

Less than or equal to 30

Free phenol, wt%

Less than or equal to 0.4

Flash point, temperature

More than 96

Use: This product is widely used for fuel oil and lubricating oil antioxidant additive, it can also be used for rubber and plastics. This product can be used alone or in combination. T501 (BHT) antioxidant replacement products, the same dose plus antioxidant effect is better than T501. The utility model is suitable for various products using antioxidant T501, especially in the fuel oil, and has the advantages of convenient operation and low price, and is lower than the antioxidant T501.

Packing: 180kg/ barrels.

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