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A business in three sentences!
Source:www.chemjunchi.com issuing time:2014-12-04

Speaking is an art, selling is a kind of knowledge. Do you know sales? If you ask this question to 100 salespeople, the answer may be 100. Everyone will understand this problem from different angles and different thinking. Some people might say that sales are sales, just like eating, dressing and sleeping. What is there to make sense? But found in practice, the different understanding of sales, even with sales staff performance and the space size of self promotion has a certain relationship.

We might as well take a look at such an example:

A Jun, selling 3 years, changed 5 industries, mediocre performance, not much savings, 3 years of dry sales, but still worried about their livelihood. He always can not figure out, such a simple job of selling products, but not what cutting-edge technology, why not do it?

B Jun, sales done less than 2 years, changed 2 industries, good performance, a certain customer resources, with many customers have become good friends, the current income plus savings, the days have been interesting. He believes that sales work is very learned, and good sales, just hard work is not enough, but also brain.

For Mr A, is easy to sell products sales; for B Junlai, sales work is very learned, implication is not just selling products sales. Between one idea, the result is quite different.

Someone might ask, "is Mr. A wrong?" Is sale not for sale?

A, you're right. 20 years ago, you might be right. But the times are changing, the environment is changing, and people's attitudes are changing. Every one of us working on sales should also review our understanding of sales and adapt to changing circumstances.

I always feel that it is difficult for a person to do well before he has a good understanding of something. So it is with sales. It can be said that the more comprehensive and thorough you understand the work you do, the more certainty you will take in the job.

For the different understanding of sales in modern market environment, wise. I put it into the following aspects, aimed at throwing a brick and discussing it with you.

1, dig demand. Sales are based on the discovery of requirements and the satisfaction of requirements. We sell our products and must meet the needs of our customers. Selling without demand is a strong selling or cheating activity that violates the nature of sales. Therefore, we should focus on how to find the needs of our customers in our sales, and use our products or services to meet this demand. In practice, some requirements are explicit requirements, such as cold need to take medicine; while some demand is implicit demand, customers do not know themselves, such as weak need to add vitamins and other nutritional health products, which requires sales staff to tap the demand. A key to our sales and performance improvement is to focus our attention on finding and digging our customers' needs rather than selling them.

2, empathy, customer want to think ~ sales pursuit is a win-win situation. We sold our products, made a profit, and the customers got the benefits or solved the problems. Both sides were happy. This requires us in the sales work can not for their own interests and damage the interests of customers. For example, in practice, we often see some sales staff in order to sell out and unscrupulous, do a hammer deal. This will not only affect the image of the enterprise, but also cut off sources of revenue.

3, sales is to win in the competition. The hot market competition has made our sales staff feel powerless, many engaged in sales work for many years, friends always like to mention the year: when sales, how good, ah, how easy...... In the market, we can hardly find anyone selling exclusive products, and the choice of customers is becoming more and more important. At this point, we should not only consider how to sell our products, but also consider how to get customers from competitors. So we must seriously study the opponent, to know ourselves, to occupy a space for one person in the market. But many salespeople just know about their products and know nothing about their competitors. So, how can you convince customers that using your product is the right choice?

4, sales are long-term behavior. A lot of sales staff, after finishing a business, like a broken kite, disappeared without a trace. The promise of the customer was left behind, and the money was already in hand. As we all know, most of our business comes from our regular customers. When you do your first business, you have to think about how you can do second or third strokes with the same customer...... How can this client introduce himself to other customers?. At this point, after-sales service is critical. Many sales staff did several years of sales work, but there are not many customer resources, who can blame? Like the black bear breaking bawmi, breaking a losing one, spent time, tired out, performance is also not to go.

5, learn to listen ~ sales is effective communication. Many failed sales are not bad products or customers do not need, but because of insufficient communication or improper communication, the two sides can not reach a consensus. Many sales people always like to chatter when facing customers, forgetting that communication is the interaction between two sides, and a person who is unwilling to listen to the voice of others can not communicate successfully. Facing the dazzling array of products, consumers are becoming more and more rational


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