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Intermediates are intermediates in the production of certain products
Source:www.chemjunchi.com issuing time:2017-04-24

Intermediate intermediate also called organic intermediates. Coal tar or petroleum products as raw materials to produce dyes, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, resins, additives, plasticizer and other intermediate products. Because initially used in making dyes, also known as dye intermediates.

By the ring compounds such as benzene, naphthalene, anthracene and so on by sulfonation, alkali melting, nitration, reduction and other reactions

For example, benzene is nitrated into nitrobenzene, and then reduced to aniline. Aniline can be chemically processed into dyes, drugs, vulcanizing accelerators, etc. nitrobenzene and aniline are intermediates

By acyclic compounds such as methane, acetylene, propylene, butane and butylene by dehydrogenation, polymerization, halogenation, hydrolysis reaction and the dehydrogenation of butene. Such as butane or a butadiene butadiene, can be chemically processed into synthetic rubber and synthetic fiber. Butadiene is intermediate.

The first refers to the use of coal tar or petroleum products as raw materials, dyes, synthetic fragrances, drug resin, plasticizer, rubber additives and other chemical products, intermediate products produced. All kinds of intermediate products are now refers to the organic synthesis process.

Intermediate refers to semi-finished products, is the product of some products in the middle, such as to produce a product, from intermediate production, saving the cost. Drug production need special chemicals, these chemicals are the original by the pharmaceutical industry's own production, but with the depth of the social division of labor and the progress of production technology, the pharmaceutical industry will be some pharmaceutical intermediates to the chemical industry enterprises. Production of pharmaceutical intermediates of fine chemical products, pharmaceutical intermediates production has become a major industry in the international chemical industry.

Intermediate in cell biology refers to the cell division in the late equatorial plane near around the central spindle gradually disintegration, cytoplasm concentration increased around the equator, filled the position, the increase concentrated area is called intermediate.


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