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Chemicals have a certain risk
Source:www.chemjunchi.com issuing time:2017-04-22

As we all know, chemicals have a certain risk, many of them are flammable, explosive, toxic and corrosive, then we must be careful in the use of the process.

In the process of using, don't put up nose to the mouth of the container to smell the smell of gas (reason: may be toxic, corrosive; in the factory need to wear masks, avoid direct contact with chemicals, prohibit the use of fire, do not wear chemical fiber clothes (chemical fiber clothes will produce static electricity, chemicals) unused, not discarded, or there may be an accident. Safety first。

Changzhou Jun Chi Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the "dragon" of Changzhou, north of Yangtze River, east of the vast Taihu, opposite Shanghai, Nanjing offset. The company is committed to the development and sales of high-quality fine chemical raw materials, intermediates and custom chemicals, specializing in the production of toluene sulfonic acid, benzene sulfonic acid, phenol sulfonic acid sulfonic acid products and antioxidant production such as antioxidant 300, antioxidant BHT; phenolic products with resorcinol, o-cresol and m-cresol; in the intermediate and custom chemicals the development of the company to develop, low pollution and high value-added products as the basic concept, adhere to high quality and stable products to meet customer demand; professional development of customized EDC hydrochloride, isothiocyanate chloro acetate and ethyl isothiocyanate and other chemicals. The company has always been "to provide the best products" for the purpose, and achieved a very satisfied customer, the performance of a substantial increase in win-win situation. We hope that in the good times, we will continue to maintain mutual trust, mutual benefit and stable cooperation with our friends at home and abroad, and work together to achieve mutual benefit and great progress!


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