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Two methyl phenol, referred to as two cresol
Source:www.chemjunchi.com issuing time:2017-04-20

Two methyl phenol (abbreviated as two cresol), industrial two cresol is a mixture of six isomers of two cresol. The melting range is 20~76 DEG C and the boiling temperature is 203~225 DEG C. Common products are light yellow to brown transparent liquid, widely used in high polymer materials, spices, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, preservatives and other industries. Next, Xiao Bian will introduce some of its uses.


1, the extraction of a single component, mainly through distillation and crystallization of the combination of methods, after extraction and refining, to obtain a purer single component, can obtain higher economic value.

2 direct application, mainly using its weak acid, reducibility (can be oxygen oxidation) and bactericidal nature, used as bactericidal, disinfection, antioxidant, preservatives (food, metal corrosion protection), etc..

3 use as raw material

The most expensive use is the preparation of materials, which are used as monomers or auxiliaries for the synthesis of polymeric materials, mainly involving phenolic resins and polyphenylene oxide ethers (PPO). Among them, 3,5- two cresol is used as crosslinking phenolic resin, 2,3- two cresol, 2,5- two cresol and 3,4- two cresol for linear thermoplastic phenolic resin, 2,6- two cresol for PPO type material. Various phenols can be used as antioxidants in auxiliaries.

In addition, two cresol is also an essential starting material in the synthesis of various spices, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. It is widely used in fine chemicals, but most of them are using some of the isomers.


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