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Ortho nitrophenol has certain volatility
Source:www.chemjunchi.com issuing time:2017-03-02

Most phenols are colorless needle crystals or white crystals, and a small number of alkyl phenols are liquid with high boiling point. They have special odor, become red when exposed to air and light, and change faster with alkali. Boiling point 181.9 DEG C. Flash point 79.44 DEG C (closed cup), 85 DEG C (open cup). The autoignition point is 715 degrees centigrade. Vapor density 3.24. Vapor pressure 0.13kPa (40.1 DEG C). The mixture of steam and air burns 1.7 - 8.6%. 1 grams soluble in about 15ml water (0.67%, 65 degrees C, after heating can be dissolved in any proportion) or 12ml benzene, with the proportion of hydroxyl increased, the water solubility increased.

Soluble in alcohol, chloroform, ether, glycerin, carbon disulfide, petrolatum, alkali metal hydroxide water solution, almost insoluble in petroleum ether. The pH value of aqueous solution is about 6. Low phenol has a special irritating odor, especially for the eyes, respiratory tract mucosa, skin and so on, have a strong stimulation and corrosion, in use should pay attention to safety protection measures. Some phenol has a strong bactericidal ability, such as disinfection water used in hospitals - "su er", that is, mixed cresol solution.

Comparing the solubility and boiling point of several nitrophenol isomers, it can be found that the boiling point and solubility of nitrophenol are lower than those of the other two isomers. In the meta or para nitrophenol, they can form hydrogen bonds with each other, which increases the boiling point, while intermolecular hydrogen bonds with water lead to an increase in solubility.

In ortho nitrophenol, the intermolecular hydrogen bonds form between the nitro group and the hydroxyl group, so the boiling point and solubility are relatively low. Because of the certain volatility of ortho nitrophenol, it can be separated from mixed nitro phenol with the volatilization of water vapor and the method of steam distillation.


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