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The development prospect of fine chemical raw material industry is bright
Source:www.chemjunchi.com issuing time:2015-01-30

As an important branch of the chemical industry, the global precision chemical raw materials industry is still in rapid development period, fine chemicals market demand and macro economic development is closely related to the standard of developed countries has been a leader in this occupation.

There are many categories of precision chemical industry, involving a wide range and intensive operation, which will be the direction of China's precision chemical industry in the future. In recent years, China's precision chemical industry has also maintained a rapid increase, the annual growth rate remained at 24% ~ 45%, exceeding the chemical raw materials and finished products 6~10 percentage points. The next few years, precision chemical sub occupation of domestic new energy chemicals, electronic chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide engineering adhesives, environmental data and other new areas with good prospects for development, in the meantime, the technical level, management science first advantage of the company is worth paying attention to.


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