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  • The company is committed to high-quality fine chemical raw materials, intermediates and custom chemicals development and sales, specializing in the production of p-toluenesulfonic acid, benzene sulfonic acid, phenol sulfonic acid and other sulfonic acid products and antioxidants production
  • Around the "strengthen the management system, product quality first, adhere to continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction," the quality policy, the full implementation of the implementation of quality management system.
  • The Company has always been to "provide the best products" for the purpose, made the customer is extremely satisfied with the performance of a substantial increase in the win-win situation. And friends at home and abroad to maintain mutual trust...
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  • Always to customer satisfaction as the goal, "fast, accurate, cordial" as a criterion to create the opportunity to win customers to buy services to create the brand value of the service.
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  • Changzhou Jun Chi Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in the "dragon" of Changzhou, north of Yangtze River, east of the vast Taihu, opposite Shanghai, Nanjing offset. The company is comm …
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